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Jurassic Bounce: Where Prehistoric Fun Takes Flight!

  • 99 British pounds


Step into a world lost in time with our BRAND NEW Dinosaur Bouncy Castle from Supreme Bouncy Castles! Towering above with prehistoric majesty, this castle is a Jurassic playground waiting to be explored. Watch as young adventurers roam amongst the friendly giants, sliding down the backs of stegosauruses and bouncing off the tails of triceratops. With every leap, imagination soars to ancient realms, where roars echo and excitement knows no bounds. Book now and let the adventure begin! Product size: (L) 18 ft / (W) 12 ft / (H) 9.3 ft Required space: (L) 20 ft / (W) 14 ft / (H) 10 ft Max number of users: up to 1m = 8 up to 1.2m = 6 up to 1.5m = 5 up to 1.8m = 0 Suitable for children (up to 1.5 m) ONLY !!! Suitable for indoor venue hire or outdoor - GRASS ONLY !!!

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your booking anytime, but we ask that it is no later than 48 hours before your hire date. Please bear in mind that our booking fee is non-refundable but, once paid, it can be transferred to any booking within 12 months. If you do not cancel your booking and we arrive to set up your equipment, you will still be required to pay, and any money already paid will be forfeited as you have stopped the equipment from being hired out. We will only cancel your booking if fierce winds or prolonged rain are forecasted for your hire's entire duration. We do our best to keep an eye on the weather forecast and will try to give you 48 hours’ notice, however, this is not always possible as the weather can change suddenly. We pride ourselves on a 100% delivery rate, but there might be times when we need to cancel your booking due to critical staff illness or sudden, unforeseen vehicle problems. We will inform you at the earliest opportunity and a full refund will be issued at our earliest convenience. Please ensure we have your correct contact details as we may need to contact you if we cannot find your venue or if we are running late due to traffic, roadworks or road closures. From October to March our British weather is not, generally, too kind to us. We, therefore, do not allow any outdoor hires. When booking for indoor venue hire, please take note of the total space needed, paying particular attention to any ceiling restrictions.  We can only set up our inflatables in secure gardens with gated access, we cannot set up in shared gardens or spaces with access from the public.  Please check your distance from BH12 4HU as a small delivery charge applies for all bookings over 10 miles away from us.  Our delivery field is around 20 miles, but please get in touch with us if you live further away as we always try to be as flexible as we possibly can.

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